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Destiny 2

Managing Items on the Fly - Destiny Item Manager

Hi folks,MuchLoveVeryForgiven shared this link with me and it's awesome - it helps with having to change your weapons really fast in Nightfall, etc., and allows you to swap in items from your vault as well!https://app.destinyitemmanager.comDIM is ...
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Destiny 2

Leveling from 265 to 290

Here's a guide on reddit on getting past 265:
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How to redeem League of Legends Gift Cards

Did you win a League of Legends gift card in one of our events or giveaways? Here's how to redeem it!Follow these instructions to redeem your Riot Points: Launch the League of Legends client or go to to create an acco...
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Questions & Answers

Is the world safe? I wanna live a happy life!

(This is my first day at answering questions here, so bear with me in case I derp.)Little self-intro: My name's Zach. Been a born-again Christian believer since early 2002. I've read most, but not all, of the Bible... So I recommend not just blind...
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Questions & Answers

Will Jesus come back to Earth?

(This is the first post in this forum, so bear with me in case I derp.)Little self-intro: My name's Zach. Been a born-again Christian believer since early 2002. I've read most, but not all, of the Bible... So I recommend not just blindly taking my...
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Destiny 2

Class Mega Thread - What class are you playing?

What classes will you main?Post below and I'll update the list!Titansstringo0, Shroud, kaldrenon, catchfireHunterBoom, DaveyPro, Recon419A, tomjohnson93, Hacker Man, Farpath?WarlockFarpath, MuchLoveVeryForgiven, h4lt
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Destiny 2

Gaming Times Poll: When do you game?

Hi folks,We're trying to pick times for group events and raids.Can you fill this poll out to let us know when you're free?---> Survey Link: <---Here's a quick tutorial on how to fill it out:---> Survey Link: http...
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Destiny 2

How to pick a class in Destiny 2

If you're just getting into Destiny 2, this is probably on top of your mind!There's 3 main classes in Destiny 2, with a few sub-classes that you can unlock. I found this guide on GameSpot that is helped me understand the classes better: https://ww...
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Giveaway FAQs

How can I tell if I've won or not?- Winners will be announced the day the giveaway ends on our giveaway page and our social media accounts.Is the winner truly random?- Our giveaways use to pick a winner from our giveaway ent...
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Hello i am new

Hi i usually go back tactician on many accounts. I play league a lot and am a midlaner. I play azir and twisted fate.
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I'm not too sure what I want to say, but I play LoL and it's ok I guess.I don't know how to stop is a way to put?
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5v5 Tournament this weekend!

Hi folks,We're trying something new and organizing a 5v5 tournament made completely of random teams.Winners will get $5 in RP in game.Sign up at you on the battlefield!- stringo0
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Uh... Hi!I'm a -stupid- girl from Italy, please call me Isaac uwuSo... Uh... I'm not really good at talking, so I'll just follow that post u-uGaming History: The first name I really wanted to play a REAL videogame I had 5 years old and I was at my...
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Hi, I'm doombang. I like League. I like gaming. I have bad gas in the mornings.
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My name is Csákvári Ádám.I am just 13 years old.I am not who can speak good in english.I love League Of Legends.And i really want to win the giveaway because i don't win anything.(i am so so so unlucky,for example in a giveaway with 3 member i do...
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Destiny 2

Destiny 2 (Leveling Upto 260)

Jate from GameChurch shared this guide on Facebook and I thought I should share it here as well: This should give us a head start in terms of figuri...
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Hey There!

Hi everyone, just wanted to take some time to introduce myself, my name is Angela and I love the goal and focus of what Rebellion is doing here =)I was born in Philadelphia which makes me American =p but grew up in Canada and am now residing and w...
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Sorry I haven't been active on here been really busy in life!My name is David Gross (eww gross) I'm 27, have a beautiful wife named Marisa, and a cute little 2 yr old daughter named Isabel (Izzy)!My first nickname was Starkiller (From Knights of ...
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Hi folks,Just thought I should introduce myself as well!My first gaming experiences were playing Mario, Duck Hunt and a Tank game on a 8bit console clone in India. A cousin introduced me to a very old first person shooter called Blood, and since t...
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Hi guys. I'm Recon (or Drew - I answer to either). I've been gaming since was a flash arcade with minimal revenue from advertising, and I built my first gaming PC in 2013 when I was in the eleventh grade. I'm currently twenty one and a s...
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