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League of Legends Worlds Quarterfinals in Chicago!

by h4lt on Oct 16, 2016 at 08:16 PM}
We (h4lt, Daveyboy, PolarbearJumper, and Redriser) had the opportunity to head down to Chicago to check out the League of Legends Worlds Quarterfinals. Kudo's to Daveyboy for finding the tickets for some amazing seats. We sat about 10 rows up from the stage and the venue (Chicago Theater) was insane. Unfortunately we didn't get to see any NA teams but we got to see Faker play and participate in the TSM chant quite a few times :)

Daveyboy made a TRM (TheRainMan) sign and it was on stream every time the casters were talking, so that was pretty awesome. I was interviewed by some Korean TV reporters. They asked me about the ROX vs EDG game the next day and I pretty made up a bunch of stuff because I no nothing about either of those teams or their players. We were really hoping to see some retired players or some casters and get pics at the venue but we never really got a chance to.

We did get a unique opportunity the next day when we were looking for a place to eat some breakfast. We found some amazing pancake place and were going to eat there but the wait was like 1h and 15min so we decided to find some other place to eat. We walked a bit and found some cool looking fountain so while a few of us were taking pictures the League casters walk right past us. They were heading to the pancake place so we caught up with them and got a pretty sweet pic. Krepo, Quickshot, and Deficio were the casters and were all pretty cool dudes.

From left to right (Krepo, Redriser, Daveyboy, h4lt, Quickshot, Polarbearjumper, and Deficio)

Overall it was an awesome trip and we have already talked about going to other League tourney in the near future. Maybe we can bring String along to the next one :)


That sounds like an awesome trip h4lt, thanks for sharing it with us! :)

I guess we can expect you on Koren national TV soon, eh?
Pretty ballin', guys! :)
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