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Gamers and Lent

stringo0 / May 27, 2016 / Articles
My wife recently wrote an excellent article on Lent, and I figured, why not write about Lent and Gamers?

Lent is a time where we decided to limit or remove something in our lives so we can focus on seeking spiritual things (ex: God) more. The idea is that whenever you miss that something, you spend that time thinking about God instead.

Here's some examples of things people do:
- Skip dessert, candy, or diary
- Avoid Movies, TV, or Gaming, a couple days a week or for all of lent.
- Instead of fasting from something entirely, reduce the amount - for example, 1 hour less of tv a day, skip 1 meal 3 days of the week, or game less.

What about us?

If you're a gamer, here's some practical things you could do.

Skip an hour of gaming one night of the week, or skip watching a stream/tv show and use that time to:

As for me, I just did a fast from gaming entirely for a while, so instead of all of lent, I've decided not to game the week of Easter and to use that time to focus on God and what he's done for us (more on that here).

Do you have any ideas? Have questions? Use the comments below to ping me :)


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