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Get the free Primal Felsaber mount in WoW - Fast, Simple and Easy!

stringo0 / Feb 27, 2017
Blizzard has organized several events to promote Heroes of the Storm. Around Christmas, they gave away a Genji skin to anyone who played 15 games or more of Heroes.

They recently announced that they'll be giving away a Primal Felsaber mount (seen in the picture above) to anyone who plays 15 games with a friend in Heroes. You also get a free mount in Heroes of the Storm!

This seems like it would take lots of time, but it doesn't! When I tried getting the Genji skin, I almost gave up, and then I noticed something.

There's a "New Player" chat room in Heroes of the Storm that you can use to find others trying to get the mount. This speeds up the process a lot because you can form a party with new players whose main goal is to get the mount, and you can intentionally play fast AI games just to get the mount.

Before the game starts, don't forget to add someone from your party as a friend and to use a World of Warcraft character so the game counts towards the mount quest.

Here's some screenshots demonstrating the process:

1. Joining the new player chat:

2. Finding other players who want the mount:

3. Right click to invite someone to a party, join their party, or add them as a friend:

4. Check your quest status:

All the best in acquiring your new mount!

If you're looking for help, feel free to add me as a friend! My ID is Stringo0#1251


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