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R.I.P. Mumble, Ola Discord!

stringo0 / Apr 19, 2017 / News
Rebels, Rebels, one and all.

I bring you tidings, good and bad.

It is finally time to say goodbye to our dear friend, Mumble.

We will be switching away from mumble to using discord as our official communication server.

I'm already convinced, take me there now!

  • Click the link or the button below to join our Discord!

Why this change?

Because Discord has all these benefits and features:
  • Easy: It's super easy and it lets anyone join our server right in the browser without needing to download software.
  • Legit Text Chat with multiple channels: It has text chat and shows Youtube videos, images, etc. right in the chat. No more having to click on someone's comment and then open a new window. You can be part of multiple conversations and gaming groups through text (like forums), and be part of things even if you are not online all the time.
  • Great support for mobile: Discord has good mobile clients - you can get notifications when someone is looking for people to play with, chat with others right from your phone, etc.
  • Volume control on each person (so you can lower string's mic while keeping others at full volume!)
  • Cool avatars!
  • Multiple Servers at the same time: Be part of multiple servers and communities at the same time, with one client. You can stay connected to a community even if you aren't actively in voice chat with the community.
  • One login for all servers: You don't need to remember a different password for each server. Your one account gets you into all servers you are part of.
  • Like/Hate/Emoji: You can like/hate/love/react to text messages and updates to your heart's content. Like h4lt's frag video but are too stunned for words? Emoji it up! :)
  • Bots: Admin bots, music bots, bots that talk to you, etc. etc. We have called ours "C3-PO" and "R2-D2".
  • And more! See
  • Discord is the future, and it's super awesome - you'll love it!

What about our mumble server?
  • The mumble server will be retiring on May 31st, 2017, and will be unavailable after that.

More questions?
  • Post a comment below and let's chat! :)


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