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Achievement Unlocked: Ultimate Power

hobiwan / Jul 19, 2017 / Articles
If you’re anything like me, you like having power - the power to control your environment, shape your destiny, do what you want. Everybody craves power, and this is one reason we turn to video games.

In Rocket League there’s a real sense of power - as we drive gravity-defying cars and survive head-on collisions with barely a scratch! Other games, like World of Warcraft let you grow strong, gain new powers, magical spells and earth-shattering abilities.

Recently I have been playing a wonderful RPG called “Bastion” and I have reveled in the power to swap out weapons, potions, and secret skills, all while learning and applying new real-time tactics in fighting my on-screen enemies.

Despite the number of games there are and the experiences they offer, they always seem to fall short. My character dies or needs a constant infusion of health potions to stay alive. It can feel the same way in real life - that quiz at school requires me to write down information I don’t seem to have the power to remember, or I want to spend time playing games with friends but chores and homework need to be done. I wish I had the power to be in two places at once!

It can also be hard to know when to use certain powers or not: like whether to use your power of money and resources to help someone out, or whether to save it to pay for your own tuition or expenses.

At the Rebellion, we’re all about power. The power to build community through games, and the power to see real life-change happen through connecting with a very powerful guy we know: Jesus.

Jesus showed his power in some unique ways when he lived on Earth. I mean, have you heard of anyone making a dead person alive IRL? Or have you heard of someone healing blindness simply by touching their eyes? Jesus did those things and history points to Jesus himself coming back from the dead! The Bible even says that he’s still alive, though currently he is another dimensional reality. Crazy, right? But wait a minute - Jesus claimed to be God. What if he was God? All of a sudden, anything is possible for Him.

The best part is, the historical records show that Jesus used his powers only for God - raising the dead, healing people, and even calming a storm that was threatening the lives of his friends!

Though he had power over storms and even over life, history tells us that he died a horrible death on a cross. It turns out that he wanted to have a relationship with us, and to give us all power. Dying on the cross was the only way to bridge the gap between us and him, the all-powerful God of the universe. Jesus wants each of us to become a follower of him - he wants us to believe that he is God, and that he died for us.

If you choose to follow him, he will change you, and his spirit will live inside you. His spirit will give you power in this life to live differently, and you will live forever, even after death.

We have found this to be true in the Rebellion, and we would love to have you join us in checking out Jesus and his power.

If you would like to know more about getting Jesus’s power and becoming the most powerful gamer ever, you can explore this topic further by watching videos on our site, or by asking questions in our forums or discord.


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