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Unlocking Adventure

stringo0 / Oct 22, 2017 / Articles
Adventure, the glorious unknown, draws me into games. From the safety of my comfortable chair and desk, I can engage in calculated risk - not knowing exactly what the outcome will be but revelling in the joy of the unknown. What new challenge will await?

These are some of the emotions that are present within me when I play Hearthstone. Will I get that powerful combo of cards to smash face or will I be presented with a great challenge by the cards unexpectedly played by my opponent? There is risk and reward present in both and that’s at the heart of adventure. There is no sense of adventure where all there is available is a routine of the same cards played, combos made, and challenges being presented. This is why games like Hearthstone are always coming out with new cards to play and why players are always innovating to try to create an even-more-ultimate deck to play.

What about in life? Is there a parallel between how adventure works in games and how it works in life? Yes! Although you and I and our friends may require different amounts of risk, reward, and stability at different stages and seasons of our life, you can bet that we all want something to spice up our life.

It often seems that faith is portrayed as a boring part of life. The idea of going to a church every week appears ‘ho-hum’ and seemingly imposed restrictions seem like a bummer. Yet, could there be some aspect of adventure available to be unlocked in our life through the key of faith? We at The Gamer Rebellion have experienced the adventure unlocked in our life through faith.

To us, faith is the same as trust - we could choose to trust primarily in ourselves, in others, or in the world around us but we ultimately aim to trust God first. We believe that God has a relationship with us and is involved in our lives. And where God is involved, adventure is just a step away - for instance, God might prompt us to live with a bit less to give more to those who are hurting. Or we might get told to stay put and slow down enough to see the adventure available at home in the quiet moments of reflection opening up to us the possibilities for new adventures over the horizon.

Some of the very first words recorded for Jesus, God-as-a-mortal, were his words to some guys listening to him speak: “Come, follow me.” So began the Rebellion, an adventure of daring in the face of a culture that screamed for boring conformity through following more and more rules to supposedly get close to God. Jesus offers adventure. Will you let him be your guide and join him, and us, in the quest of a lifetime, the quest to get to the Source of Life - the Source of everything good?

We welcome you to join us! Check out this video to find out more about the start of our adventure as humans, how we got lost in the many ways adventures go wrong, and how we can find true adventure again.

Author: Hobiwan

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Thank you for sharing your wisdom with us, Hobiwan!
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