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Destiny 2 Costume Contest Winners

stringo0 / Dec 08, 2017 / News
Hi folks,

Thank you for participating in our Destiny 2 Costume Contest! It was fun watching you guys play barbie... um, I mean, make your Guardians look glorious!

Here are the winners of the contest!

Editor's choice (2300 Silver) goes to Tinuaeriel for his Titan:

^ Tinuariel's Titan was picked by both DaveyPro and myself

In 2nd Place (500 Silver) was Labrat's Purple Emperor:

The Fan's choice (500 Silver) goes to WOODMAN for his Titan, WOLFMAN:

The Random Submission (500 Silver) winner is Ria with his Warlock:

I'll be contacting you folks to send you your prizes! (or feel free to ping me!)

See you next on the battlefield!

- stringo0


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