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League of Legends Worlds Quarterfinals 2016

h4lt shares about a trip to the League Quarterfinals.

What is the Rebellion?

First time here? Watch this video to learn more about the Rebellion.

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League of Legends Worlds Quarterfinals in Chicago!

We (h4lt, Daveyboy, PolarbearJumper, and Redriser) had the opportunity to head down to Chicago to check out the League of Legends Worlds Quarterfinals. Kudo's to Daveyboy for finding the tickets for some amazing seats. We sat about 10 rows up fr...
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What is the Rebellion?

Curious about the Rebellion? Watch this video to find out more about us.
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Server Info & Whitelist thread

We also have a facebook group for minecraft at
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Server Info & Whitelist thread

This is our minecraft server info:IP: a message on this thread to be added to your server's whitelist.Enjoy!
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Twitch Streams

Share your twitch, youtube or other streams in this thread, and we'll add them to the site.
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Something Amazing

We're all looking for something amazing. Come check this out!
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