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The fastest way to get the two free mounts in World of Warcraft and Heroes of the Storm

What is the Rebellion?

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Humble "Freedom" Bundle

Humble Bundle's special Freedom bundle

League of Legends Worlds Quarterfinals 2016

h4lt shares about a trip to the League Quarterfinals.
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R.I.P. Mumble, Ola Discord!

Rebels, Rebels, one and all.I bring you tidings, good and bad.It is finally time to say goodbye to our dear friend, Mumble.We will be switching away from mumble to using discord as our official communication server.I'm already convinced, take me t...
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Overwatch University

Hi folks,I've been enjoying overwatch and was looking into online leagues, etc. for OW. Boom recommended this resource: It's a pretty awesome subreddit for OW.They currently have signups open for their...
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Code of Conduct

The Rebellion - Code of ConductWelcome! We are glad you're here. Please help us in making this an awesome community by following these rules.1. Respect everyone: Treat everyone like you want to be treated. Be nice to each other and other teams, es...
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Leading the Rebellion

Do you dig the Rebellion and want to get more involved?Would you like to moderate the forums or discord?Would you like to help come up with tournament, contest and giveaway ideas?If so, send stringo0 a message on the site or on our discord server:...
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[LFG] Overwatch, Heroes

I'm looking for people to play Overwatch and Heroes of the Storm with.I'm silver-ish in Overwatch and a noob at Heroes.Ping me if you want to play! :)My blizzard id is stringo0#1251
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Overwatch Nickname list

Hi folks,If you would like to find others to play overwatch with, let's use this thread! :)Share your id and what characters you like to play in this ID: stringo0#1251Characters: Pharah, Solider, JunkRatI'm in the silv...
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Get the free Primal Felsaber mount in WoW - Fast, Simple and Easy!

Blizzard has organized several events to promote Heroes of the Storm. Around Christmas, they gave away a Genji skin to anyone who played 15 games or more of Heroes.They recently announced that they'll be giving away a Primal Felsaber mount (seen i...
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