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Banned from Gaming for 52 Days

stringo0 / May 27, 2016 / Articles
As some of you know, I started a gaming fast right before new years for 52 days.

Here's some of the reasons I did this:

- To spend some time focusing on God in the New Year amidst everything else going on (visiting family, *celebrating* Christmas, etc.).
- To sort of cleanse my head/soul from being immersed in gaming.
- To get time to work on the Rebellion site
- To be open to God's input and direction on my life and the Rebellion.
- To spend more time with Natalie (my wife).
- To develop healthy habits (I'd tend to game till 1/2am some nights and get less than 7 hours of sleep)
- To go to God first when I'm facing emotional hardships/stress instead of just gaming away/distracting myself.

Gaming become something I did by default

I felt like I had let gaming become something I did by default - if I had an hour free, or an evening to kill, I'd spend that time gaming - on the pc, or playing Spider-man Unlimited on my phone (yes, I do play a phone/mobile game!). It's not that I was ignoring God completely or was addicted - but I could start to tell that my head space was becoming more and more occupied with games.

And that's why I decided to take the fast. Why 52 days? Because 40 seemed too cliche (God led lots of people in the bible through 40 days of fasting, Jesus included), and a month seemed too short. A few years ago a mentor gave me a deck of cards, and so I got the idea of counting down with a deck of cards - there's 52 cards in a deck, and that's how I decided on 52 days.

Day 40

I'm on day 40 today, and it's gone okay so far. There's been ups and downs. The benefits have been awesome. I've been able to establish some good habits, spend more time with God and Natalie, and spend some time reading/doing other things I wouldn't normally do. It's stretched me. I've also been able to find the time to work on the Rebellion website. The downs have been not able to go to gaming to escape. Gaming is so much fun! I was on mumble today just chatting with some of the others in the Rebellion and I wanted to quit my fast really bad! But my wife wouldn't let me off the hook (Thanks, Natalie) and so I'm toughing it out.

I thought I would share my journey with you guys just so I'm not alone - gaming with a lot of you is a huge part of my social life, and I feel like even if I cannot game with you I can still hang out - by sharing this note, just chatting on mumble, etc.

Thanks for gaming with me! (or reading this note for any other reason) :)

Disclaimer: I'm not sharing this with you to tell you what you should do/suggest you should do a fast. I'm simply sharing something I've decided to do in my journey with God and gaming. Also, I've made exceptions from this fast for Rebellion events.


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